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'Believe to Achieve'


Week Three

We explored the Jewish ceremony of Bar/ Bat Mitzvah. We discussed how Bar Mitzvah is for boys, and Bat Mitzvah is the ceremony for girls. We explored how these ceremonies are the next step into adulthood for young people and are very important to Jewish people. Then, we either created a poster or wrote a letter to prepare somebody who might be getting ready for their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah.

Week Two

This week we explored Christianity and how christenings and baptisms help Christians believe they have been 'born again'. We discussed what we would change about attitude and behaviour if we were given a fresh start. Then, we read an extract from the bible where Jesus was baptised, and discussed how he might have felt at this time. 

Week One

We now teach weekly Religious Education lessons. This half term we are looking at how different religions view life as a journey. We started by looking at what life journey we would send a new-born baby on and the things we would avoid if we could decide on their life journey. We spoke about how we would want the baby to feel safe and loved and to avoid things such as criminals and getting into trouble. Then, we thought about how our own life is a journey and the things that have happened so far in our lives that make us proud. e.g. learning to ride a bike, being given an award, joining a club. We thought about the things that would make us proud in the future, and so many of us thought graduating from University or getting a good career were the most important things that will happen to us in our lifetime!