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Wednesday 17.6.20





After Gem Maths, practise counting up and down in tens.  Can any of you carry on counting past one hundred?


Sharing Equally


Today we are going to be exploring sharing as model of division.  Yesterday we were grouping as a model of division.  Sharing is similar but instead of putting things into a set group size, we share equally amongst groups.


Watch the videos below where I model how to share equally.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Today your task is to practice sharing equally things from around your home.  Imagine you are trying to share them amongst either 2 people, 5 people or 10 people.  Which amounts can be shared equally amongst these groups?  Complete the table below.




Spellings (Y1 Common Exception Words) has, you, love, come, some,

Remember to learn to read and write the words independently


Activity - Today, we are going to explore adding the conjunction 'or' to sentences. Watch the video of Miss Smith showing you an English lesson about how to include the conjunction 'or' then complete the sentences below.


For tea I could have fish and chips or

For breakfast I could have porridge or

When I visit the zoo I could see the tiger or

When I visit the farm I could see the sheep or

Would you like to play tennis or



Can you make your own sentences including the conjunction 'or'?

Activity – Computing (Purple Mash)


We would like you to log in to Purple Mash using your own login (which was sent via Marvellous Me previously) and complete the 2Dos which have been set. 


To access the 2Dos you will see a red link at the top left of the page once you are logged in. Make sure you save them once they are completed. You can always come back and work on it again at a later time. If you require your login again please do not hesitate to contact us. 



Phonics and Reading


We would like you to watch the phonics lessons from Letters and Sounds which are located on YouTube and also uploaded on the phonics resource and support section in the Home Learning part of the website.


We are uploading the videos from the previous week and would like you to keep checking the Phonics section each day, especially if there is a sound your child needs to work on. Please feel free to revisit this sound, as this is what we would be doing in class to consolidate understanding. 


If there are supporting activities to support the video, they will be underneath, There are also some videos using flash cards. Please have a go at saying the sounds along with Miss Smith. Make sure you are saying the pure sounds accurately. 


Don't forget to read your book everyday.