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Week 3


Wellbeing Wednesday! We spent a whole day doing PSHE related lessons and developing our wellbeing.


Jed and Ted: We discussed our rights and responsibilities when it comes to our body e.g. I have the right to decide what I eat and I have a responsibility to keep my body healthy. We considered what we would do and say if our rights were disrespected.


As part of our independence topic, we looked at individual liberty and how we all have our own rights. We started the lesson by hearing some new school rules e.g. your teacher decides who you can be friends with and you are not allowed to smile at school. We considered how this made us feel.

Then, we discussed all the rights we have and how it must feel when these are taken away from us.



We discussed all the changes we have encountered over the past year and how this affected us. We talked about all the things we did to support our mental and physical health during the lockdowns. Then, we used this information to create instructions/ a guide to surviving another lockdown! We used all the knowledge we had learnt about writing instructions from our English lessons.


We also discussed the changes to our lives due to lockdown and other changes we experience in our lives e.g. changes to our body as we grow. We linked this to changes in weather and seasons. We created some blossom tree art, using mixing of paints and cotton buds to create the petals to demonstrate changes in season. We did our painting whilst listening to calming music, to relax our minds and help our own wellbeing.

Week 2


We discussed our learning value (Independence) further and considered how we demonstrate independence at home and at school.

As part of our Jed and Ted education, we looked at smoking laws and how these have changed over time.

Week One

Our learning value this half term is independence and our historical figure is Stephen Hawking. We spent our first PSHE lesson researching Stephen Hawking and finding out more about his life. We discussed how he displays our learning value and what we could learn from his work.


We are also following the Jed and Ted Drugs Awareness scheme this half term. For our first lesson, we looked at the dangers of smoking and peer pressure.