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'Believe to Achieve'

What have we been up to?

We have been making Christmas Baubles!

We have been exploring subtraction during maths

Jasmine showed so much kindness at home by helping her sister clean our their bunnies.

Decorating the Christmas tree.

Rainbow Day!

We had a fun day celebrating how wonderful we all are!

We took part in colour mixing activities, abstract colourful artwork, drank some hot chocolate and listened to a story, blew bubbles, made colourful Christmas stars and had such a wonderful day. 

Look at some of our abstract posters!

This week in our love of reading session we explored another piece of artwork by Barry Falls. He created a poster for the city of Munich so we used our knowledge of Nottingham from our curriculum driver lessons to create one for our city.

We have been exploring part, part whole models in maths

During our love of reading session we explored fact books and found out lots of new information about the world.

On 'Odd socks day' for Anti-Bullying week, we designed our own real odd socks! We strung them up in the classroom and realised they were all different, just like us

Iga showed such kindness when she helped her family to bake. They even brought some in, it was delicious.

We began to explore constructing sentences using a range of Phase 3 sentence starters.

We began to explore our favourite animals during our oracy lesson

We explored using a dictionary and explored definitions for the words perhaps, marvelous, venture, colony from the text. We then chose something we thought was marvelous and wrote a range of wonderful sentences about it.

We explored our final classification of animals and thought about fish! We found out lots of facts and information about fish, which we used to complete a sorting activity. We have now learned every single classification and can name a range of different animals which fall in to these categories.

We began to explore what schools were like in the past compared to what they are like in the present. We thought about what used to be at school compared to what is at school now. We sorted this information in to venn diagrams.