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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 4



In English this week we have been writing up our WANTED posters for sneaky Crispin the dragon. We have sent them off to the police are awaiting their response. We are really hoping that our missing classroom items turn up soon!


In maths this week we have been focussing on applying our knowledge of Tens and Ones to a variety of number problems. We have noticed how numbers can be partitioned in many different ways.

Here are some pictures of some of the practical activities we have done this week!



This week has been so exciting for Year 2 as we have finally been able to release our butterflies! We have really enjoyed watching them transform from little baby caterpillars to full grown butterflies. The children were so excited to watch the butterflies fly off. Some of them didn't want to leave us so we were able to hold them.

Curriculum- Great Fire of London


This week we have been looking at what made the Great Fire of London so disastrous? We started by looking at the people involved in making decisions about the fire and ranking them from most to blame-least to blame. We then debated which order was best and gave reasons for why each character was to blame/ not to blame.

After we re-created each character- Thomas Farriner, Thomas Bludworth and King Charles 11.