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Morning everyone

Our activity today is looking at the money we use. We use money all of the time to buy the things we need such as food, clothes and treats. But do we know what each coin is and how much it is worth?


Our coins come in all different shapes and sizes and all have a different value such as a 5p which is a small round silver coin and the smallest of our coins. A £2 coin is a large circle with gold and silver and is the largest coin.


We would like you to have a look at some coins with your adults and talk about each one. Can you remember what some of them are? Think about the different ways that you could add your coins together to make a new value such as two 5p coins would give us 10p (the same as both our hands making 10 fingers) or ten 1p coins making 10p.


We have added a short video below for you to watch that explains this abit more:


If you have a change pot at home you could have ago at sorting all the coins into matching piles so that you have all the 50p together and 20p together or which ever coins you have. Be sure to wash your hands after though.

Todays challenge

We have 2 challenge sheets today for you to try. If you have a printer at home you could print them out or you can find them in your Home Learning pack if you have one.