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This week your spellings are contractions. Here are your words to learn to spell. Watch the video and write as many contractions down as you can.


Half  Money  Mr  Mrs  Aren’t  Can’t  Couldn’t  She’s  He’s  I’ll  I’ve  What’s  Doesn’t



Can you complete these multiplications?

There are videos on the video resource centre to help.


Can you draw and annotate the Iron Man using the description from the text. For example draw the Iron man's head and label it "shaped like a dustbin, but as large as a bedroom."


Challenge - can you come up with your own descriptions of the Iron Man?


Read chapter 1 of The Iron Man. Look for words that you don't understand. Can you come up with a definition for them using an online dictionary? 


This half term we are looking at magnets. To start with we are going to look at the key vocabulary. Using the internet, dictionaries or books can you find the definitions for these key words?


magnet        attract       repel       magnetic field          magnetic poles     strength