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We kickstarted our curriculum driver with a toilet roll timeline! We worked in small groups to add historic events to our timeline. Each square of toilet roll was equal to 100 years. We were able to see how ancient Egypt fitted into the timeline, and could also see how it span over three thousand years. We discussed how many of the events took place during the 1900s, and recapped our understanding of the Stone Age, Romans and the Vikings that we had learnt about previously.  

In Science this week, we started by recalling our understanding of solids and liquids, before moving onto sorting materials into whether they are a solid, liquid or gas. 

We have started a new topic in Maths and so we are now focusing on 'area'. We will be using our understanding of perimeter to support us with our new topic. We started the week by using post-it notes to find the area of different shapes.

We really impressed our music teacher Faye this week!

In our curriculum lesson this week, we learned about some key Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife. Then we carried out activities to help us remember them. These included labelling a tomb;  mummifying dolls; constructing pyramids and making a heart that is the correct weight to balance the scales of Osiris.

We explored gases in our science lesson this week. We had four activities to complete to answer the following questions; do gases weigh anything?, how does the smell travel? and is this plastic bottle empty?

We held our very own ancient Egyptian museum this afternoon! We displayed our excellent work and invited 6S to come and see it! 


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