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"Just one more little thing."

Isn't that what they always say?

Begrudgingly, I dragged my wearisome body through the door of the old jewellery shop. We must have been here a thousand times but it never became any more appealing to me. The place reeked of the elderly: old-fashioned gold; out of date ear-rings and a collection of pearls I wouldn't be seen dead in! Surely there had to be something more, something worth hanging around here for.


As I continued to browse, beyond the distressed shelves of worn-out tatter, I could have sworn I head a small voice whisper, "Over here..."

I shook the words from my mind, sure it was just the pure boredom engulfing me in a spiteful and unnerving trick...

"Look! I'm over here!"

This time I knew it was real. Shivers ran through my body and my blood started to run cold. Despite my fears, something inside me, a deep-rooted curiosity begged me to move towards the voice.

"No don't touch that!" a voice interrupted, "You mustn't touch that!"

I looked across at the pompous, plump man, who was attending the tills. The warning in his tone told me to listen but the desire to look was overwhelming.