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Week 6

Our Year 1 Super Showcase

What an amazing half term we have had!

Have a look below and see what we have been up to...  

Our text this half term was 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers


This half term, as we have explored our book 'Here We Are', we learned all about the world, what makes us people on Earth and the impact the world has on. We learned about nouns, adjectives and verbs, explored sentence content including capital letters and full stops, and thought about the illustrations. 

Below is an example of a Talk for Writing Map which was completed this half term. We use these a lot in Year One to support with retelling and understanding stories and texts

1L bring the Talk for Writing map to life

Still image for this video

1S bring the Talk For Writing map to life

Still image for this video

Below is an example of how we explored and sorted nouns, verbs and adjectives

Below is an example of writing which was completed when we explored verbs. During they lesson we explored how we would edit this work and completed this together as a class.

We explored rhyming words and tried to write a poem ensuring the rhyming words were in the correct position on the line


As part of our work about RESPECT, we focused on Greta Thunberg. We used our knowledge of Greta, along with our understanding of the world, to write some informative statements as a piece of writing to consolidate our understanding. 



We found out that Oliver Jeffers, the author of the book, was also the illustrator. We watched videos where he showed us how he creates his characters. We then had a go at painting some of his characters and creating some of our own. 

Selection of book characters inspired by the illustrator Oliver Jeffers

We Love Reading so have taken part in lots of activities where we explore lots of texts


This half term we have consolidated our understanding of Phase 3 phonics. We have followed the Letters and Sounds program. We have completed some work sheets at home to support our application of these sounds and some understanding of real and nonsense words. 


Curriculum Driver - Art

This half term our Curriculum Driver has been 'Art'.

We have been exploring self portraits through the artist Picasso and have also been looking at Primary and Secondary colours. We learned about sketching including light and shade which we used to draw an eye, then used these skills to create accurate self portraits including the position of our facial features. 


We explored the colour wheel, identifying how we mix the primary colours together to make the secondary colours.

Inspired by Picasso, we used a range of different materials to create 3D, colourful faces.

As part of our exploration of self portraits, we explored the modern day self portrait, the selfie. We had a go at taking our own selfies which we used to create our self portraits

Having explore facial features, we used chalks to draw our own faces on the playground!

We has a go at designing our own Picasso inspired images


In Maths we have looked at place value for numbers up to 20, ordering numbers, exploring calculations, greater than and less than and comparing amounts. We were also introduced to Gem Maths thinking about an initial introduction in to addition and subtraction

Examples of Gem Maths completed this half term

Practicing maths at home

Examples of Maths completed this half term, exploring comparisons of amounts, greater and less than and understanding tens and ones


Throughout Science this term, we have developed our understanding of Autumn by exploring the seasonal features we noticed throughout the season. We have also begun to look at different classifications of animals including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish.