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Good morning everyone! Today we are learning about adding two quantities together for our maths work.

Remember to do your workout with PE Joe too if you need a daily exercise!

You can access new reading books on:


1.Do your daily phonics lesson on the Letters and Sounds channel. Today is Reception Lesson 3 (available from 10am), don't worry if you missed 1 and 2 you can do them anytime.

Click this link:

2.Challenge: Gather 10 objects that you can use as counters and have goes at adding different amounts of them together e.g. 2+1, 5+2. How many different amounts can you add together? Extension: Can you write down a number sentence to represent your adding e.g. 3+2=5.

3.Click on the link and press the green play button to add the animals together and see your answer represented on a number line.

4.If you can, print out this sheet and have a go at adding the dinosaurs together.

5. Remember to send us pictures of your work, or please email if you have any problems or questions. We hope you enjoyed your Home Learning today!