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Thursday 18.6.20





Start off with you Gem maths practice.  It is really important to keep that up as by the end of year one, you need to be able to quickly add and subtract all the numbers to twenty.  After that, practice counting up and down in tens.  We are going to make it more tricky today by starting on non-multiples of ten.  For example, instead of starting on 10 we could start on 13.  You would then count as follows:  13, 23, 33, 43 and so on.  See if you can spot the pattern and count on in tens from different numbers.  Here is a hundred square to help.


Grouping and Sharing Equally - Problem Solving


The last two days you have been practising grouping and sharing equally.  Hopefully you have been able to this practically using objects from around your home.  Today you are going to have a go at some problem solving involving grouping and sharing equally.  Go back and watch the videos from the last tow days if you need a reminder of the difference between grouping and sharing equally.


Try the problems below using objects you possess to represent what is in the questions.  Remember, when you are reasoning, you are a maths detective looking for clues and evidence.







The questions are also in the document below.




Spellings (Y1 Common Exception Words) one, once, ask, school, put 

Remember to learn to read and write the words independently


Activity - Applying the conjunction 'or' in a sentence.


Can you use the images below to make sentences including the conjunction 'or'

Activity - Science


Have a look at the science section on the previous page of the website and complete the activities. 


Phonics and Reading


We would like you to watch the phonics lessons from Letters and Sounds which are located on YouTube and also uploaded on the phonics resource and support section in the Home Learning part of the website.


We are uploading the videos from the previous week and would like you to keep checking the Phonics section each day, especially if there is a sound your child needs to work on. Please feel free to revisit this sound, as this is what we would be doing in class to consolidate understanding. 


If there are supporting activities to support the video, they will be underneath, There are also some videos using flash cards. Please have a go at saying the sounds along with Miss Smith. Make sure you are saying the pure sounds accurately. 


Don't forget to read your book everyday.