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'Believe to Achieve'

Spring 1

 Our book for the Spring term is 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes (Miss Blaxley's favourite!). The Iron Man is the story of a giant man made of iron, who wakes up in pieces on a beach, assembles himself, and sets about wandering the English countryside. ... When Earth is threatened by a gigantic monster from space, the Iron Man takes it upon himself to save mankind and bring peace to the world.


Our inquiry question is 'I wonder how can The Iron Man be represented through art?'. We have lots of exciting lessons coming up, and even a trip to the Art museum to really hook the children into the topic. 


In Science, we will be looking at magnets and carrying out investigations to see if we can find the strongest magnet and what can affect the strength of a magnet. Have a look at our knowledge organiser below to find out what we will be covering.