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Morning Everyone,


Today we are going to be Pirates!

If you have a Pirate fancy dress costume you could wear this, but dont worry if you dont, you could make your own eye patch and use a scarf as your bandana. You could make a telescope out of a empty toilet roll holder or a kitchen roll holder.

Have think about what we know about Pirates. Can you talk like a pirate?

There are lots of things you can do as a pirate, you could hide some treasure and create your own treasure hunt. Design a map for family members to use to find your hidden treasure.

If you had your own pirate ship what would it look like? Draw a picture of your ship in your book. What will you call it? Now you have your ship where will you sail off to? Beware of the plank!


Role play is a great way for us to express our ideas and use our imagination. We can bring in different skills such as fine and gross motor skills writng on our maps, also  Understanding of the world by talking about different places we can visit in our ship, and people we might meet there.


Over the Deep Blue Sea song video:

Todays Challenge:

If you have a printer at home, have a go at some of our Pirate Challenges, or if you have a Home Learning pack you can find this sheet in there.