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Andy Warhol


To recognise, discuss and form opinions about the work of an artist


Andy Warhol was a Pop Artist. He used a technique called screen printing to create lots of prints that look the same. He often changed the colours of the pictures. Andy Warhol often used bright colours in his work.



Andy Warhol also made lots of portraits of iconic people.



More examples of his work


Watch the video below to learn more about Andy Warhol

10 Amazing Facts about Andy Warhol

Answer the following questions about Warhol:
1. What was Andy Warhol famous for?

2. Which artwork of Warhol do you like the best? Explain your answer.

3. Which artwork of Warhol do you like the least? Explain your answer.


Design your own soup can


One of Andy Warhol's most iconic works is the one based on Campbell's soup cans. Apparently, this is what he had for lunch every day! Can you think of a new and whacky flavour? Alternatively, see if you have any soup cans at home and have a go at some observational drawing.



Sunglasses Art


Produce your own sunglasses Pop Art using the template below. Colour in each pair of sunglasses and the background of each section. Pop Art isn't meant to be realistic so use strong, bright colours. The lenses on each pair of sunglasses could even be different colours to each other.