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Choose as many of the activities below as you like! You should be aiming to complete them for the 3,4 and 8 times table. Some of you may find this a little tricky, so feel free to complete them for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables instead!

Activity 1- Multiplication flowers

Activity 1- Multiplication flowers

1) Draw out your flower with the times table you are doing in the middle. e.g. 7.

2) Draw a set of 12 petals around the outside and number them 1-12.

3) Draw another set of 12 petals around the outside of the first 12. 

4) Multiply each number on the first 12 petals by the number in the middle of the flower to get your answers for the outside petals.

Activity 2

Listen to the 3 videos below. These are the ones we sing along to at school!

Activity 3- 100 square

Use the 100 square to write out your times tables. Can you match the times table answer with the number sentence?


You could also play 'fastest finger'. Ask an adult to ask your a times table sum, and you have to be super quick and point to the answer.

Activity 4- Multiplication grid

Can you fill in the grid by multiplying the numbers?

Activity 5- Times table colouring

Solve the calculations to reveal the hidden picture. Each answer has a special colour.

Activity 6- 4 times table search

Can you spot the 4 times table calculations? Shade them in, and then write out the number sentences.