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Wednesday Number

Hello Penguins and Polar Bears! Today is a maths day and we are learning about sharing equally.


1.Well being activity- Do a guided meditation activity for kids.


2.Do your daily phonics! From 10am this morning Reception Lesson 13 will be available, or go on straight away if you need to do an earlier lesson.

3.Challenge: Today you are going to practise sharing by having some biscuits, cakes or sandwiches with your two favourite toys. Get two toys and some biscuits that you can share between them and then share them between the two toys. Make sure that its fair by giving them the same amount of biscuits each. How many biscuits do they each have all together? Were there any biscuits left over? Extension: Can you have a go at sharing the biscuits between 3 of your toys?

4.Go to the following site

and have a go at sharing the treats between the two dogs. Make sure they both have the same amount!


5.If you can, print out this sheet and have a go at completing it.

Enjoy your Home Learning today and send us some photos if you can!