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Good morning

Today's activity is a bit different.  Today you are going to do an experiment and find something out! You are going to do a plastic bag experiment.



You will need:

A plastic bag

A plastic person (or something you can use as a weight)   


A hole punch and scissors


Now you need to cut out a large square out of the bag and trim the edges so it looks like an octogen (an 8 sided shape).  Cut a small hole near the edge of each side and attach 8 pieces of string all the same length to each of the holes.  Now tie each of the pieces of string to the plastic person (or the weight).


Now you can drop your parachute from somewhere high like the top of the stairs and watch how it travels to the ground.  Does the parachute open? Does the person (or weight) travel fast or slow?


Check this out for more information!