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Spring 1

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! We are so excited to be back with Penguins and Polar Bears for another exciting half term. 

This half term our new topic is space. We will be learning about the planets, astronauts and we'll be getting creative in our new workshop area. 

If you have any space books or stories at home we'd love to see them, so bring them in to share. 

In phonics this half term we will be learning more about digraphs in phase three- see if you can spot any digraphs like sh, ch th, ng when you are out and about. Remember to write in the reading diary three times a week. Each time this happens we stick a sticker on the children's reading owl display and they can work towards bronze, silver and gold awards. Did you know reading for 10 minutes a day can help your child make a years worth of progress?!

Week One

The children are loving our new topic and are already using the word gravity whenever possible! We have been creating our own rockets using shapes. 


Our book this half term is Whatever Next by Jill Murphy, which we have really enjoyed reading. The children have been retelling the story in our reading corner, using props to bring the story to life. 

Week Two

This week we have been learning about the number 8 during our maths sessions. We have been creating different representations of 8. Have a look at our work below! On the 25h January we will be going on a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester. We are very excited to learn more about space!

Week 3


We have had a very busy week this week and the children have enjoyed learning about Space and the four seasons that we experience on Earth. The children have been preparing for the Space Centre trip next week by completing a writing task about what they would take on a rocket. We also had our first PSHE lesson this week, where we discussed our emotions and wrote about what makes us happy! 


At the end of the week Lilly brought in a wonderful alien picture she had done at home. The children loved it and wanted to make their own. So we wrote a list of all the things we'd need and set up the painting table. Look at our super creations!

Week 4

What a busy week we are having! We have been creating a space scene using paints and glitter. We used pipettes to splatter paint across black paper. The children loved it!

We have also been thinking about recycling this week. We set the children a challenge to find the recycling arrows on different obejcts. We spoke about how plastic in our rivers and seas harms the environment. We practised getting plastic out of water with our pincers. 

Week 5

Polar Bears and Penguins have thoroughly enjoyed this week because of our Chinese New Year celebrations! We have had dressing up, taste testing, colouring and many other activities around the celebration. The children also had chance to make their own Chinese lanterns! The children's favourite part of this week was taste testing prawn crackers, yum!

Well done to all of the children who were awarded merits this half term!

Week 6

What a fantastic start to our week- we have been waiting to go to the space centre and the special day finally arrived!

We had such a wonderful day learning even more about space and it was the perfect end to our topic. 

We looked at the suits astronauts wore in space and explored the different exhibitions. We climbed lots of steps to see the life size rocket and even pretended to be astronauts ourselves. Our visit ended with an amazing visit to the planetarium. Even though it made some of us feel a bit dizzy it was incredible to image we were flying through space!