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Spelling Scrabble

Write your 10 spelling words and use the scrabble letters to have a sum for what each word is worth.


Set 1                                                Set 2

today                                               imagine
your                                                 increase
they                                                 knowledge
once                                                 library
friend                                              mention
were                                                often
some                                                possible
house                                               reign

school                                              strange
because                                           through


e.g. today = 1+1+2+1+4 = 9




Inverted Commas (speech punctuation)

We use inverted commas to show when somebody is speaking.
Watch the video below to remind yourself how to use inverted commas.


Can you add the speech punctuation to the sentences below?

Remember the chant we use in class: " speech punctuate "


The pdf is attached if you would like to print the sheet, however you can also write the sentences out and add the speech punctuation in a different colour.





Synonyms for the word 'said.' How many words can you think of that can be used instead of the word said? e.g. bellowed, boasted.


You can create a list of these synonyms or make a poster.


Challenge: Can you write your own sentences using these synonyms?



Can you tell me what the characters are saying and then write this in sentences using inverted commas below? The word document is below so that you can print the activity, or you could draw a picture of the characters and your own speech bubbles.


Here is an example for you to use.





Reading Comprehension

Read the text, 'Who were the Vikings and where did they come from?' Answer the questions about what you have read.






1. Where did the Vikings come from?

2.What does Norsemen mean?

3. Why did the Vikings raid?

4.Do you think the Vikings preferred farming or raiding? Why?

5. Can you think of any reasons why the Vikings might have wanted to settle in Britain?


A big hello from Mrs Carter!

Here are some Grammar Challenges and a Reading Comprehension for you to work your way through this week.