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Wednesday 29.04.2020

English - Book Review

Listen to this story, 'Augustus and His Smile' written by Catherine Rayner and read by Vicky McClure.


Write a book review about this story:

What was your favourite part?
What part didn't you like?

How could the book have been better?

How many stars out of 5 would you give it?


What things make you smile? Write a list of all the things that make you smile and draw some of them.

We would LOVE to see these lists!


How many of these sums can you do in 60 seconds? 


See if you can beat your own high score, trying to get more and more each time!


Time how long it takes you to do ALL the sums.


Draw a map of your room.

Have a look at this one that I have done of my room. 

Remember that a map is a birds-eye view which means you are looking down into the room. The drawers just look like squares or rectangles because that is what they look like from above! 

Remember to label everything on your room map.

Notice how my labels are all written around the outside, except for the ones I could fit inside the objects. This is so that the actual map doesn't get full of labels and look messy.


If you enjoy doing this as much as I did, you might like to do a map of each room in your house!


You could use coloured pens too!