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Year 6 Blog

Please visit this blog for weekly updates from 6PS and 6M

Week 6 - Water Cycle Foldables

Week 4 - Holiday Brochure Published Writes

Week 4 - RE Celebration Day Calligraphy

Week 4 Love for Reading Quote Posters 6PS

Week 3 Maths (percentages)

Week 3 PSHE (Dream catchers)

Week 3 Toucan Pictures

Week 2 Persuasive Brochures in English

Week 2 6PS Toucan Pictures at the Mid Way Point- completed versions later this week

Week 1


On Friday morning 6ps took part in a Love for Reading Quiz. The questions tested children's knowledge of books and their authors; some questions were easier than other.

In the end, we ended up with 4 winners:


1. Maryama

2. Riley

3. Oliver

4. Aniyah


The children will be presented with their prizes tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures of them with their prize.

Love for Reading Quiz Questions


Children in Year 6 took part in their first DARE session with Mr Appleyard. There was loads of sensible discussion and then children took part in a quiz which tackled some key information about use of alcohol.

Children also learn the difference between helpful and harmful drugs.

There are ten DARE sessions where children will be filling in their DARE booklet.

In July there will be a DARE graduation.


We have started a new text type: persuasive holiday brochures. The children worked in pairs to identify features of different examples of holiday brochures.


We created collages and oil pastel pictures of different animals living in the Amazon Rainforest.

6PS PE pictures- outdoor activities with Mr Parkes