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'Believe to Achieve'



For the final 'igh' family sound we are going to learn the 'long i' sound. Watch the video below then practice the words with the long 'i' sound in them. 


To continue with our different forms of writing this week, we would now like you to have a go at learning this poem below.

Poetry is another way to write and record something, it could be about something or someone, an event or a character.

Some poems rhyme, but some don't and that is fine. 


You might want to put some actions to the poem as well, to help you remember.

Miss Smith reads the poem 'The Teddy Bear'

Still image for this video

As a challenge, we would like you to have a go at writing your own poem about one of your teddy bears, toys or dolls based on the poem above. Watch the video for some ideas to support you. 


You can use this teddy bear to write your poem


Still image for this video
Recapping 'nd' and 'ld'


Time - Constructing an analogue clock


Let's get straight into our lesson by joining in with some counting and number sense.


For the main part of our lesson, we are beginning to to learn how to tell the time on an analogue clock.  In order to be able to that, we need a clock so your task for today is to make one.  Watch the video below to find out how.


This week we are going to explore the illustrator of another of our favourite books. We have read lots of stories of 'Winnie the Witch'. Watch the stories below then follow the illustrator drawing Winnie the Witch. We would like you to have a go at drawing Winnie yourself but there is a print out if you want to colour it in yourself. 

Winnie and Wilbur (Pilot) - Wilbur's Big Clean/Winnie's Tricky Tights (2016)

© Winduna Enterprises Ltd

Author Draw-along: Draw with Korky Paul | Oxford Owl

Korky Paul, illustrator of the beloved Winnie and Wilbur series, shows us how to draw (and paint!) his wonderfully wacky characters.Visit Korky's website: ht...

PSHE - Time to Talk


Let's talk!  Today is time to talk day, so spend some time having a chat with your brother, sister a grown up that you live with, your pet or even your teddy bear! 

Talking about our feelings is so important.


For today's task click on the link below and folow the instructions on the short video.  You will just need a piece of paper and some pencils.  Have fun!


Today we would like you to join in with the audio book of the story of 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' below. This is one of Miss Smith's favourite books so she cannot wait to be able to share this with you. There are seven books so you may want to watch one each day or throughout the day. 

The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Others

There are 7 audiobooks with pictures and texts by Beatrix Potter.