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Today we are going to be looking at 'irregular plurals'. These are words that do not fit our rule of adding 's' or 'es' to make a singular plural.


There are lots of words that fit into our irregular plurals group. Can you think of any?


Do you know the plurals of these words?







Watch this video -Irregular Plural Nouns - English Grammar Simplified - YouTube and then have a go at the matching activity in your pack.


As we come to the end of our unit on Castles, we wanted to give you an interesting activity to complete.

Below are some different jobs you might have had if you lived in a castle. Have a look at the job adverts below. Which job would you choose, why?


Can you complete an application form for that job? Think about:

  • Why do you want that job?
  • What experience do you have that would make you do that job well?
  • Why should they hire you?


As an extra challenge, have a go at writing a diary entry for your first day at your new job. How did you feel? What jobs did you have to do? Are you excited to go back? Who did you meet?



Maths is all about spotting patterns in numbers and using these patterns to help us work out sums. Today we are looking at patterns, but with shapes! This is a nice fun lesson and you can really get creative creating patterns. 


Watch Miss Storer's lesson video below, then have a go at making some patterns of your own. 


Still image for this video



Fitter Future

Use your individual log in to go on Fitter Future and complete some workouts. Last week 2S did the most workouts at home so well done to those children who had a go! Let's see if we can get more this week :)


Valentine's day craft!


This weekend is Valentines Day so why don't you have a go at creating a card for someone you love. I'm sure it will brighten their day. Have a look at some ideas below.

Liam Payne for Save with Stories reading The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright

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