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Hello my name is Miss Moss. I have worked as a teaching assistant for many years gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge through working with various professional bodies and colleagues along the way.

Since working at Southglade Primary School I have gained a qualification in H.L.T.A (High Level Teaching Assistant) adding additional responsibilities to my substantive role.

One of the Schools main priorities is to raise reading standards throughout the whole School. To support this objective I have studied and researched Dyslexia with the aim of trying to break down some of the barriers associated to this hidden disability. I believe every child should have access to supportive quality education to aid their development.


What is Dyslexia?


The word Dyslexia means difficulty with words. It is a lifelong, usually inherited condition which occurs in all races and backgrounds, with strengths and weaknesses varying from person to person.

Dyslexic people often have strong visual, creative and problem solving skills. Many famous people and successful people are dyslexic.


Literacy Assessment


To support our reading priority we have purchased a resource that can highlight specific areas of difficulty in reading, writing and spelling, including dyslexia. This will involve your child carrying out a short assessment with me (with consent). The results will then help us identify your child’s learning needs and how best we can support them. Research has shown early intervention is beneficial in identifying specific needs and support to aid a child’s development 

If you would like to discuss any issues or topics or have any questions relating to Dyslexia and how our school provides this essential provision please leave a message with reception and I or one of my colleagues will contact you. 


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