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This week we are starting our work on Phase 6. We begin our unit by looking at the past tense. The past tense when we talk about something that has happened in the past.


For example- Yesterday I played on the pirate ship.


To change a verb (action word) into the past tense, we can add the suffix -ed.


Watch this Nessy video to learn more about adding -ed to change our verbs into the past tense.



Try the activity below either on the sheet provided or write down the answers on another sheet of paper.




Try this English warm up activity

Today we have had another email from Aunt Rose giving us some more details about how we can help her.

Have a read of the letter below

Your challenge:

Can you design a robot for Aunt Rose? Think about what she needs her robot to do and use the video below to think about how your robot might look. Once you have designed your robot, please label it identifying the different features of your robot eg, a hot chocolate dispenser.


Watch the video of Miss Storer on the video resource centre here: and then have a go at the addition worksheet underneath.

Maths worksheet

Maths Challenge



Have a look around your house and notice what objects are made from- Maybe your table is made of wood, or your chair legs are metal. 

Fill in the table below (or make your own table).