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Well-being Week

It is really important to look after yourself, both physically and mentally, during this unusual time. It is okay to feel down and to miss your family and friends and some days might be more difficult than others. When you feel down there are lots of things you can do to try and cheer yourself up:

- call a family member or friend

- do something that makes you happy e.g. colouring, watching your favourite film

 - exercise (when you exercise, your brain releases a special chemical that helps to make you feel happier)

- talk to a grown up at home about how you're feeling (sometimes just saying how you feel out loud can help)


You have all done such a great job at staying at home over the last few weeks. It hasn't been easy for anyone but the good news is the worst is over and in time you'll be able to see your family and friends again.


Here are some activities that will hopefully put a smile on your face this week smiley


Monday - feelings

Fill in the gingerbread man with all of the different emotions that you are feeling (your grown up could do this too). You can use the emotions chart to help you. It might be nice to share your gingerbread men when you have finished and to talk about how you're feeling. If you don't have a printer, you can draw the outline of a person on a piece of paper.






Tuesday - thinking positive

1. Make a list of all of the things you are grateful for

2. Make a poster about the happy memories you have made since the closing of schools. e.g. spending time with your family, learning a new skill, baking, family walks, playing in your garden


Wednesday - relaxation

Try a Cosmic Kids Yoga video to relax your mind


Thursday - friendships

Make a card for a friend or family member.
Tell them about what you miss about them and what you're looking forward to.


Friday - healthy eating

Eating a healthy diet helps to look after our bodies and our minds. Try one of the following activities:
-The Vegetable guessing game (taste different vegetables with your eyes closed. Can you guess the vegetable correctly?)

- Make your own healthy snack
- Create a vegetable person using vegetables and toothpicks