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Last week we were looking at the past tense. For this we looked at the suffix -ed. For example:


Yesterday I played football with my friend.


This week we are going to be focussing on the present tense- talking about what is happening today. For example:

Today I am playing football with my friend.


What do you notice about the suffix I have used on the verb play? I have added the suffix -ing.


Lets look at some more verbs written in the present tense.







Have a go at adding the suffix -ing in the worksheet below:





Let's begin todays lesson by recapping our talk for writing from yesterday. Remember it is important to keep revisiting this to help us with our writing later this week and next week.


Watch Mrs Bragg revisiting her talk for writing here:



Remember to use your pictures from yesterday to help you.


Today we are going to be looking at adverbs. Adverbs describe the verb and usually end in ly.

The adverbs used in our talk for writing example are:




Watch Mrs Bragg's video below where she will explain todays learning:




Today we are looking at adding equal groups which we call repeated addition.

Watch Miss Storer's video here:


Then have a go at the worksheet. There is a challenge for you to have a go at too.

Maths challenge

Shared Reading

Watch Mrs Bragg's video here:



Listen to our class text: Rosie Revere Engineer.


Which words does the Author use to describe Rosie's feelings? Note these down if you can see them.


Did you spot these words?








Do you already know the definition of any of these words?


Use the context of the book to help you match the word, picture and definition. Are there any that you are struggling with? Use a dictionary or online dictionary to help you.


When you have matched them, complete this two lies and a truth sheet. Which two sentences don't make sense?





For our comprehension lesson today, we are going to do Booktalk just like we normally would in class.


I will give you a question and you will need to revisit our book 'Rosie Revere Engineer' ( ) to find the answer. Like always I will provide you with the sentence starter and bonus word.

Please watch Mrs Bragg's video below where she explains todays learning:



Complete the template below using evidence from the text to support your answer.