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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 4

This week we really got into the swing of our busy timetable. Every day is jam packed with subjects and we all leave full of new information!


In English this week we continued to write about people who help us, specifically the police and fire fighters. We did our very first big write in our brand new 'Published Writing' books which was exciting! We used our neatest handwriting and concentrated on adding all those full stops and capital letters. Some of us even started to practice joined up writing!


In maths we continued to focus on place value. We explored tens and ones and the value of each digit in numbers. We made numbers out of equipment like base ten, lollipop sticks and tens frames. 


In science we looked at materials and what different classroom objects are made out of. 


Art is great fun and we had a go at some abstract artwork inspired by Picasso. Some of our portraits look hilarious! Picasso painted strange faces with noses on the sides of faces and lop sided eyes! 


The highlight of the week was visiting Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery to view some artwork in real life. We got the number 89 bus into Nottingham and walked really sensibly through Nottingham to get to the Gallery. When we got there we had to be respectful of the art and the other visitors while we were viewing the pictures and sculptures. It was really inspiring and the children behaved so well it made us really proud.