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Morning everyone,

Today we are going to have a think about Alliteration. We have covered this a little at school but we thought it would be a good idea to think about it again as its been a while.


What is Alliteration? 

Alliteration is a poetic device that uses the same letter sound at the start of adjacent or closely connected words in a sentence.

An example of alliteration is: "The bird sang sweetly." 

Usually alliteration is the use of a group of words beginning with the same consonant or phonic sound.

Alliteration can also be called head rhyme or initial rhyme


Some of our favourite charters names use Alliteration such as Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Peppa pig and not forgetting Polly Parrot!


There are lots of stories that you can read that use some Alliteration as well, we have added Titus Troublesome Tooth for you to watch below.

Todays Challenge

If you have a printer at home you could print our Alliteration worksheet off and ave ago or if you have a Home Learning pack you can find this sheet in there.