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'Believe to Achieve'

Friday 15.05.20



It's Friday so that means it's time to write your next diary entry about all the things you have done this week. 


Write about how you have been feeling, write something funny that happened, write what your favourite meal of the week was, write whatever you like!



For today's maths you will be comparing lengths of different objects in your house. You could use a ruler or tape measure if you life, but if you don't have one don't worry! 


Find something in your house that is

1.The same length as your foot.

2. Shorter than your thumb.

3. Longer than your nose, but shorter than your pinky finger.

4. The same length as your leg.

5. Shorter than your arm, but longer than your foot.


Put the 5 objects that you found in order from shortest to longest. 


Can you find:

Something shorter than the shortest thing you found? 

Something longer than the longest thing you found?


You should now have 7 objects.

If you have got a ruler or a tape measure, write the length of each of these objects next to their names in your book. 

If you have not got a ruler, just write their names in order from shortest to longest.




On a blank piece of paper, or a page in your exercise book draw a random squiggly line all over your page. It should loop around and cross over itself a lot, creating different sections. 

Then colour in each section carefully. You could do different patterns in the sections like stripes, dots or zig-zags. 

Have a look at these pictures for inspiration.