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'Believe to Achieve'



As always, Friday is our spelling test day!

Please watch Mrs Bragg's video below where she will read out the spelling words for you to write down. You can pause the video at any time to give yourself longer to write down the word.


Here are you spelling words for next week:







Today is our BIG WRITE day!


We will be using our knowledge of instructions to write our own independent set of instructions about something completely different!


Before you begin todays lesson, have a little think about the features of a set on instructions.


Instructions need:

  • A title ( How to....)
  • Introduction (Have you ever wondered how to....Do you enjoy....)
  • Subtitles (you will need... What to do...)
  • Adverbs (slowly, carefully, quickly, gently)
  • Imperative verbs (stir, mix, roll, pour)
  • Time adverbs (First, Next, Then, After that, Finally)


Watch Mrs Bragg as she shows you how to make jelly. Can you write a set of instructions for how to make jelly?


Here are some things that might help you:




Today in maths we are looking at creating number sentences from pictures and word problems or stories. Watch the video of Miss Storer remembering to pause when you need to work something out and having a go at the questions on the screen:


When you have done that you can have a go at the worksheet and the challenge below!

Maths challenges



Today we are starting to look at spreadsheets. Watch this video of Miss Storer explaining all of the things you will be doing today.


It might be a good idea to pause the video at certain points so that you can have a go at bits of the task yourself. Also don't forget you can always rewind the video and watch parts again if you need to. 


The sheet below gives you some ideas of things to try in the spreadsheet too.


Don't forget to save your work when you are finished!