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This week we are looking at  homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. For example to too and two. 


Everybody  Even  There  Their  They’re  Hear  Here  To  Two   Too



Click here to listen to Miss Finnie to read the questions

Maths Task

Wellbeing Task - Give Friday

Give up some time to help someone else

Love For Reading

In your love for reading session you could use YouTube to listen to some of the Flat Stanley books. 

Art Lesson 2


Today's lesson is about speech and using inverted commas. Watch the video below to remind you to use them! Then go through the 4 activities to help practice. 


Task One

Copy these sentences into your book and put the speech marks in the correct places. Remember: The speech marks go around what is being said. Copy all the other punctuation correctly.

1. Hello, said the man.

2. What are you doing? said Fred.

3. Stop! shouted the policeman.

4. Wait a minute, said Mark. Don’t I know you from somewhere?

5. I know what we’ll do, said Lucy. We’ll go to the pictures.


Task Two

Put the speech marks in the correct places once again. This time, however, you will also need to add all the other punctuation that is needed as well. Watch out for any questions or exclamations!

1. Hello said Greg

2. You look tired said Martin

3. Can I come in asked the man

4. No screamed the man

5. Come here said Grandma I want to see how much you have grown

6. Is that my bag asked Daniel I thought I’d lost it

7. Run shouted Sally The dog is after us

8. I know what I want for my birthday said Tina A brand new car


Task Three

How many other words can you think of that you could use instead of the

word said. Write down at least eight other words for said.


Task Four

For each of the eight words that you came up with in task three write a

sentence with speech in that uses that word.

The Direct Speech Song (Inverted Commas)