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'Believe to Achieve'



Using our learning from yesterday about irregular verbs where we need to change them completely to us in the past tense, re-write the following sentences in the past tense.


The first one has been done for you.



Yesterday, she swam.


Try these:


Spelling to practice for next week:








I will do a test next Friday on these words smiley

English- Grammar lesson


Today we are looking at subordinating conjunctions (when, if, that, because).


Please watch the video of Mrs Bragg explaining what a subordinating conjunction is and how we can use this in our writing.



Attached below is the PowerPoint Mrs Bragg talks through in her video.

Have a go at the worksheet below. Can you identify which subordinating conjunction should be used in each sentence? (that, when, if, because).





Watch the video of Miss Storer by clicking here: and then have a go at some of the word problems in the pdf document below.


Think about whether you need to do a subtraction or an addition!



You need to go onto and log in you your own PERSONAL log-in. (NOT the Year 2 log in!) This can be found on the inside cover of your reading diary. If you can't find it, get your adult to email your class teacher and we can send you your log in. 


When you are on PurpleMash, click on '2dos' at the top which is a red tick. 


Here you will find an activity called Barnaby Bear to work through which will teach you about sending emails.

This could be really useful during lockdown, maybe you could use your new skills to send an email to your teacher or teaching assistant :)