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Today, we are continuing to explore the 'ai' sound family by looking at 'ey'. Please watch the phonics lesson below to join in with developing your understanding of the 'ey' sound in words including reading sentences which include 'ey'. 

Can you read the sentences below? Could you have a go at extending the sentences then challenge yourself by including one of the words below in a sentence?


Today for English we are going to watch a clip from the film 'Paddington' and listen to the section of the story where Paddington explores the bathroom for the first time. Can you imagine you had never seen the bathroom before, never used the bath or a tooth brush?! 


Our learning value this half term is all about resilience, which means not giving up. We would like you to think of a time where you learned something new and didn't give up, just like Paddington. Can you write about it or even record yourself telling us about it or doing the activity where you didn't give up.

Paddington Movie CLIP - Bathroom


Still image for this video
Have a go at writing the 'th' join.


We will begin with counting and number sense so hit the link and we'll get going!


Now we will move onto our main lesson, learning about shapes.

Hit the link to join in with Mr Land.


Now your task is to see how many of 3D shapes we looked at you can identify at home or outside.  Which shapes are the most and least common?  Send us pictures and let us know what you found.


During your time away from school, it is important to stay fit and healthy.


This afternoon we would like you to do some form of exercise.  It might doing some Cosmic Yoga or PE with Joe.  You might have some other ideas but make sure you have a safe space in which to exercise where you won't break anything or hurt yourself.


Here are a couple of links to get you started:






Today we will be finding out about our inspirational figure for this term's Learning Value of resilience.  Read  the fact file about Neymar and think about how resilient he has had to be.  Remember, resilience is all about determination, perseverance and trying hard to achieve your goals.



Have a look at the teacher's reading a story, choose someone who you haven't heard a story from and have a listen.