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Todays phonics lesson is all about Syllables. Learning about syllables is important to help us be able to segement words when we are learning to read or spell. Saying the words slowly and clearly helps us to hear each section of the words. 

We use our knowledge of rhythm to clap out the syllabes such as croc-o-dile


Help Mrs Bettridge find all the animals with 1,2 or 3 syllables and put them in the right place on her number line.

Can you find some different animals, toys or mybe even foods that you can explore and find their syllable count for?

Follow the link below to Mrs Bettridges video:


Today we are going to explore 3D shapes with Mrs Bettridge. We will be looking at Cubes, Cuboids and Cylinders using boxes, tins and other items you will all have at home.

3d shapes are made up of other shapes so we will be taking a look at each shape to find out with shapes they have, such as a cuboid is made up of squares and rectangles. We will be taking about the shapes, sides, faces and corners.


Can you find any 3D shapes at home?

Can you find any different 3d shapes we havent looked at today?

How many cubes  and cylinders can you find?

Which has 3d shape has the most sides?

Are any the same?


Follow the link below to watch the video:


Today's story is Fabulous Pie. Its all about a sneaky bear trying to make a pie for his dinner. He asks the animals who live in his forest foe help but alls not as it seems....


Follow the link below for watch Mrs Bettridge's story:


Can you tell your adult what the person who writes the story is called?

Who draws the pictures:

Can you guess what might happen in the story?