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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 5

Marvellous Maths!

This week we discussed our reasoning and explored our mathematical understanding. We had to think about how to use 2, 3 or 4 triangles and fit them together in different ways, then explain our thinking. It was a fantastic explorative lesson full of lots of discussions.

Staying Safe online

As part of our E-Safety teaching this half term, we began to understand how to stay safe online. Although we discussed this every computer session, we had a real focus to ensure we fully understood what we had learnt. We decided we should not speak to strangers online, just like we wouldn't in the street. Using 'Hector's World' to help us, we also found out we shouldn't give anyone our personal information as we might not acutally know the person is we are talking to!

Scrumptious sandwiches

This week in English we made our own sandwiches just like Mrs Grinling! We speak the butter and jam, chose and assembled the ingrediants and really enjoyed eating our creations! Next week we are going to write up some wonder instructions so you too can learn how to make a fantastic sandwich!