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Good morning Penguins and Polar Bears. Welcome to another Week of Home Learning!


Do your daily exercise with PE Joe:

Change your ereading book:


1.Do your daily phonics! From 10am this morning Reception Lesson 16 will be available, or go on straight away if you need to do a previous lesson.


2.Challenge: Think of four words with the igh sound in e.g. light, sight. Draw pictures and write the words in your blue books. Extension: try writing a sentence using one of the igh words that you have thought of.


3.Go to the following site and have a go at the igh sound Buried Treasure activity. Click the link below, click next, click phase 3, click igh.


4.If you can, print out this sheet and have a go at the igh activities.

5. We hope you enjoyed todays Home Learning. If you have any questions or queries, or to send us some photo's, please drop us an email!