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Peer Mediators

New Peer Mediators.


When we return to school properly. I will be looking for some new Peer Mediators. Our Peer Mediators are mostly year 6 at the moment and so they will be leaving us in July.


Sometime soon (not sure when) I will be interviewing for new children to become Peer Mediators. If you are interested, you will need to be... in years 4, 5 or 6 and be...


calm, polite, a good listener, understand confidentiality ( no gossiping), be a role model for our school, you will have fabulous behaviour at all times, work as part of a team, be good at solving minor problems.


You would work closely with Mrs McCarthy and receive training.



Write to me to apply. Sometime in the future I will interview children.

My email is


speak soon

Mrs McCarthy

Our Peer Mediators are specially trained students, who work alongside Mrs McCarthy. They are dedicated to their roles and are really appreciated outside at lunchtimes. They help to solve minor squabbles and help children to find someone to play with. They can help if children have lost something or are generally upset about a minor issue that can be easily resolved. They report back to Mrs McCarthy and she then decides if more action is needed. The Peer Mediators are a great asset to our school and help to make lunchtime a happy time for all.