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Lesson 3- Pharaohs

Thinking back to the last lesson, can you spot any similarities between Pharaohs and Egyptian Gods? For today's lesson, you will need to use your research information sheet to find out a little more about some of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Could you use the information sheet to create a poster about one of your Pharaohs? Think about:

- how long did they rule for? 

- what makes the Pharaoh you have chosen, special?

- when did they die?


You could also fill your poster with any other information about them that you can find.  

Lesson 4- Daily life

Have you ever wondered what daily life was like in ancient Egypt? What jobs they had? What clothing did they were? What did they do in their spare time? 


This lesson is helping you to compare ancient Egypt to our modern day. Use the information in your pack to help you understand what life was like. Then choose to show the comparison between ancient Egypt and the UK through a venn diagram or a table (these are both in your pack). You could even do some further research on the internet to find out more about life in ancient Egypt!