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Morning everyone.  For our phonic activity today we will be reminding ourselves of rhyming words.  Remember a rhyming word are words which sound the same.  Today we will be doing a rhyming string, these are words which rhyme with another word.  Follow the link below to Miss Brierley's video.


For our maths lesson today we will be exploring the number 6. Miss Gresko will be using the dinosaurs to make arrangments of 6. We will also different ways of making the number 5 and 6 using her hands, what else could you use to make your own arrangements?


Have a go at writing the number six and also have a think about which other numbers you know and see if you can write those too.


Follow the link below to watch Miss Gresko's video:

Today's story is read by Mrs Bettridge and its all about a little Monster who doesnt like being called sweet until she comes across a great big ogre!


Follow the link below to watch the story: