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Spring 2

Pizza making with ASDA :)

2H cozy reading DEAR time :)

What are we looking at this half term?



We are using adverbs and commands to write a set of instructions to capture a dragon!



We have looked at measurement in length, using rulers, meter sticks and trundle wheels to provide accurate measurements. We will be moving onto mass and capacity over the next few weeks.



Our topic for this half term is D&T, we are looking at features of a castle and how they protect the people inside. At the end of the topic, we are going to be making our own castles with a moving drawbridge.

Alongside D&T we are also looking at art, using weaving skills to create flags, printing to create bricks on castles and looking at creating our own coat of arms!



In science we are carrying on the topic of materials, looking at suitable materials and their uses.