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'Believe to Achieve'

Week 1

Marvellous Maths!

This week we have begun to explore different maths ideas including grouping amounts, ordering digits and amounts then beginning to explore digits when they are written as words.


We have really enjoyed practical maths sessions and calculating different amounts. It has helped us to ensure we understand how to calculate the right amount before moving on to place value.

We have begun to explore grouping amounts together

Excellent English!

This week we explored what a noun is and identified nouns around the classroom. We discovered that we were nouns! It was very exciting and we began to explore finding nouns in other sentences. We discovered lots of nouns go at the start of sentences and we are now going to think about how to describe the nouns.


Super Science!

This week in science we began to explore what mammals are, thinking about what makes them a mammal and identifying a range from across the world. We matched labels to names, wrote description sentences about them and identified their features.  

Amazing Art!

We have begun our curriculum driver for this half term. In Year One this is a mixture of art and design and technology this term. We began by sketching a range of zoo animals using artistic techniques of shapes and sketching to successfuly create images of a snake and a rhino.