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Week 7

Week 7

How strange is it that we should have been sitting our SATs this week at Southglade in year 2! Instead we are learning from home which is equally as strange. Your weekly home learning is below, this week Miss Finnie has recorded maths learning so have a look at the videos each day.

Next week is HALF TERM so there will be no home learning.

Timetable and Overview

Mental Health Awareness

Below are ways you can show KINDNESS at home and a challenge booklet link with lots of extra ideas and activities to do.

  • Thank a community helper by putting a sign in your window, in your garden, on your fence or somewhere else people can see.
  • Use chalk to write a message on the pavement to brighten someones day
  • Pamper your mum or dad- give them a special treat
  • Make a homemade kindness card
  • Smile or say good morning to somebody you walk past
  • Paint a kindness message on a stone and go and put it outside for somebody else to find
  • Make hug tokens and give them out to your family
  • Call or message someone you miss
  • What is kindness? Write a definition
  • Who has shown you kindness?
  • Can you imagine the kindest person in the world? What would they be like?
  • Make some paper flowers and give them to someone who deserves them
  • Show nature kindness and make a bird feeder
  • Make a kindness promise to yourself
  • Create a kindness jar as a family
  • Read a book about friendship
  • Make a kindness picture for the police or local hospital and send it to them