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Whilst some of Year 2 were enjoying their residential trip to Beaumanor Hall the children that stayed behind had a fantastic pirate themed couple of days.


This began on Tuesday when the children used IPads to find out as many facts as they could about pirates, such as 'Did you know that Blackbeard was the fiercest pirate of all?'  They then completed and recited some pirate poetry, followed on by a creative session, making pirate wooden spoon puppets which were then used in a puppet show performance!  At the end of the day the children played 'Captain's Deck' in the hall which was great fun.


On Wednesday the children acted out being marooned on an island.  They had to freeze frame how they were feeling and think about what they could do to get off the island!  Some decided to make a boat, swim and even write a message in a bottle, which they did. During the afternoon the children designed and created their own tea stained treasure maps and the day was finished off by watching a pirate film with some delicious snacks and even a few golden coins!