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Financial Education


To describe how people's careers may vary and how they develop in different ways


What is a job?

Why do people have jobs?

Does money influence what people do for a job?

Why do you think some jobs pay more than others?






Independent Task:

Complete the 'How much do they earn?' activity sheet

What job would you like to have when you are older?

How much do you think this job pays?

Are there any qualifications or skills that you are going to need to attain this job?


Complete the online quiz

Match the vocabulary with the correct definition:








Independent Task:

You have been given a set of community needs and wants cards. Consider how important the services are to the community. Order the cards from least important to most important.


Key questions to consider:

Is it essential for everyone?

Is it the law that we have this service?

Would people be in danger if it was not there?

If people had to live without it, could they?

Is it a 'human right' to have this service?