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Parental Feedback from Remote Learning Audit June 2020


A survey was sent to parents. 55 responses were received. Some of the key data findings:


95% of parents had accessed our school website to support their children in remote learning

90% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child had engaged within the home learning

25% of parents found home learning easier than expected, 33% found it as expected and 42% found it harder than expected


Parents had accessed or received the following support services:

- reading book swap service 40%

-use of purple mash 80%

-use of times table rocks-tars 80%

-phonics videos and resources 50%

- weekly learning resources 75%

- emailed class teacher for advice and support 70%

- accessed BBC Bitesize or the National Oak Academy 60%

- video and audio resources 55%


Quotes from parents during lockdown about home learning and key worker support

‘Great staff. Always feel supported by Southglade Primary School.’


‘Happy with the support received’


‘We are very grateful for the help that we have had and continue to have’


‘Thoroughly enjoy home learning’


‘Happy with the support children have been given in Nursery and Y3. We don’t do home learning everyday but when we do it has been very good’


‘We have felt very supported by the class teacher. And grateful for the work and that there is no expectation if child doesn’t want to engage sometimes’


‘It is better now there is a weeks worth of work so it easier to plan for the week ahead’


‘Difficult having 2 working parents and trying to fit in school work. The resources have been brilliant and helpful’


 ‘He is lucky to have such an amazing teacher’


‘I feel we have been given the best support for home learning through the website and also phone calls from the teacher. I personally have felt fully supported throughout’


‘Just a little note to say thank you for all the help you have gave my child in the time he has been with you. Have a good holiday. Xx



Just wanted to send a kinda last email I guess! Thank you for being my child’s class teacher this year I know she loved havin u and is gutted she can't have u again. Thank you for all ur supported over last few months we have really appreciated it. Gonna miss the emails. She has decided to finish for summer already so sorry we haven't sent any work last week or so. She just doin time tables. 

I hope u have a lovely summer and enjoy the break. 

Take care and all the best 




Hope you are keeping well and safe

We just wanted to say a huge Thank you for all the support and teaching resources that you have provided during lock down.

He speaks very highly of you and he has been delighted that he has been able to spend his 2 days a week at school with you.

We are just gutted that you were unable to teach him for the full year.

You are a great teacher with lots of compassion and this shows within the children in your class.

Hope you have a great summer, hopefully see you soon x 


You have been an amazing teacher to my child and us as parents I can’t thank you enough for everything and through this pandemic your support means the world, I really hope you get to teach our younger child too during her time at Southglade that would be amazing 😉 


You have been amazing with my child and he was very lucky to have you as his teacher!


Thankyou so much for the phone call again today and for the chat. Your all doing an amazing job yourselves, I couldn’t wish for my child to go to a better school Southglade have been amazing through all of this and I can’t praise you all enough! I’m so happy that my younger child has got into Southglade too and gets to have a brilliant education with all you fantastic teachers, im proud to be apart of your school x


Good morning,
I thought id send a quick email to say my child enjoyed this morning’s lesson on time where he could see you he said he liked it as he felt like He was at school. It was nice to see him answering the questions you asked. He says hes looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson :)


'Thanks again for all you have done for my child over the past two years we will always remember the help you have given her.'


'I hope this finds you well. What a pity that there was no meeting for my child so he didn't have a chance to say Thank you and Goodbye to you.'


'Since we can't meet in person for now, I'm writing to say Thank you for all your hard work and the help you have been giving us, especially since lockdown. My child will miss you a lot. We wish you a great summer holiday.' 

'Hi there. Just to say how much he has really been enjoying being back at school he’s loved being back with his favourite teacher.i was wondering if presents and cards are allowed as he as already got you something but I won't send it in if it's not allowed.i no he will miss you as you are the only teacher he as had since nursery and it's been a pleasure sending him to school  knowing how happy he is. We are so very proud of him and his school report was lovely to read. thank you for being an amazing teacher to our little boy.'


'Just want to say your doing an amazing job with all the daily activities and task for the kids to do. It’s keeping my child very busy.'


'I’m pleased to hear that the home learning challenges would continue and I appreciate with all the hard work that you and all the teachers are doing with creating all its content.'


Thank you for staying in touch emails, calls little visits to be honest it’s made it a lot easier doing the school work knowing your always there to help & not just there for my child too, I’ll definitely miss you seeing you most days going. You definitely go the extra mile to help all the children. 



Never before have I wanted to wish the summer holidays away. My child can't wait to get back to school. She asks if she can have one more day at nursery before she moves to penguins because she misses it so much. We would like to say a big thank you to you and all the staff for all the videos,  as they have really helped my child feel a connection with nursery in her time at home.


Thank you for all your help and support with my child over the last year. She misses you all lots and is sad she won't be with you in September.



How we adapted based on our parent feedback

‘It would be great if you offered more online teacher led learning and weekly spellings and some more input on phonics. Even if it’s just a quick 5 minute video on a weekly basis’ – Staff were asked to put up videos twice a week on the website explaining the lessons. These were completed in a range of different ways including small lessons and demonstrations of the task.


‘There is too much. I know it is optional but when you yourself are working from home and looking after siblings it is difficult to devote the time to do the tasks properly and ensure understanding’ – We decreased the amount of work and activities we put on the website and relaunched this to ensure it was more succinct and able to be followed throughout the week.