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'Believe to Achieve'


Warm up


Try and find as many words as possible from the 16 letters that are in the picture below.

There are some strict rules:


1. You can use each letter only once

2. The letters need to adjoin horizontally or vertically or diagonally in order for them to be able to be used in your word.

3. Score  point for each word that you create (see the picture below)


On Boggle Board 1 you could have the word  WHEN (as the letters join together) but you couldn't have the word HIS (as they don't)

Boggle Rules

There is also a boggle app you can also download to your phone or Ipad.

Main Part of Lesson

Please watch the video( on the video resource centre) of Mr Shuttleworth teaching about direct and reported speech. Children to pause the videos and have a go at the activities within the teaching video.

Children should then create a poster of the rules linked to direct and reported speech and then, if there is time, complete the activities within the work-pack that was delivered to parents.


There are some pictures of good posters below.