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Today we are going to continue to look writing in the past tense.

Watch Mrs Braggs video here:


Have a go at adding the suffix -d to these words and putting them into sentences. I look forward to seeing how creative you can be with your sentences!








Last week we started our new book 'Rosie Revere Engineer' written by Andrea Beaty. If you would like a reminder of this book please watch the link below :


We began our unit of work by receiving two letters from Aunt Rose. One of the letters told us to read Rosie's book and we spent the lesson learning about different jobs and thinking about what we want to be when we grow up. Our second letter from Aunt Rose asked us to design a robot to help her with her busy life. We each designed and labelled a robot which would help Aunt Rose with her work and then wrote a letter to persuade Aunt Rose to pick our robot.


This week we are going to be learning about instructions so that we can send a helpful set of instructions to Aunt Rose so she knows how to set up her new robot. Before we start writing our instructions, it is important that we learn the features of a set of instructions.


Please watch Mrs Bragg's video below as she explains todays learning:



Your activity: Can you cut up your instructions (get an adult to do this for you) and then piece it together like a jigsaw? What do you notice about the features of the instructions in front of you? Using the feature labels, can you accurately label the instructions? Pay attention to the features as you will need to use these later in the week.




Here are the resources you will need for today's lesson.



Today we are starting our brand new unit on multiplication and division. We will start by looking at equal groups.

Watch the video of Miss Storer by clicking here:


Then have a go at the worksheet below. 

There is a challenge for you to try too if you want to!

Maths challenge

Curriculum Driver:


Last week your teacher introduced our new topic ' Knights and Castles'. We began our topic by looking at some key vocabulary, reading our new focus book 'Look inside a Castle' by Conrad Mason, and labelling a castle with some of it's features.


In todays lesson we are going to continue looking at the features of a castle before designing our own castle. At the end of our unit we will be making our own castle with a moving part (drawbridge) so now would be a great time to start collecting boxes, toilet roll holders, string, paper and other craft pieces.


Please watch Mrs Bragg's video here as she explains todays learning:




Below are the resources you will need for todays lesson including the link to the video mentioned in Mrs Bragg's video.


Here is the reading comprehension sheet you will need:


Fact Finders Sheet