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'Believe to Achieve'

Thursday 21.5.20

Kindness Activity


Today, we would like you to do something kind around your house. You might want to help wash the dishes, tidy your room, hoover, help make dinner or something of your choice.





Practice your Gem Maths (this should be being done every day).  To get your maths brains warmed up, play fastest finger identifying  numbers from 1 all the way to 80.  See how many you can identify in one minute.


Time - O'clock


Today we are going to introduce the analogue clock.  Hopefully you have at least one at home so your child may have some familiarity with it.  If not, you can use this teaching clock to help.


Talk about the clock face.  What do they notice abut it.  Talk about the hands and explain one means hours and one means minutes.  Discuss which is longer and how many hours there are in a day.


Explain that when the minute hand points straight up, it is an o'clock time.  Explain how we know which o'clock time it is by where the hour hand is pointing to.


Model by showing different o'clock times on the clock getting your child to say what they are.  Throw in some non-o'clock time to try and catch them out.  If they make a mistake, ask them to think about what they did wrong and where the minute hand needs to be for it to be o'clock time.


Once your child is fairly confident at being able to identify o'clock times have a go at the problems below.






Spellings (Y1 Common Exception Words) go, so, by, my

Remember to learn to read and write the words independently


Activity - Today, using objects around your house, in the garden or if you take a walk in the park, can you use them to make a house like structure and label it.

Activity - Science


To complete the science activity for this week, can you go back to the main page for this week and click on the science section.


Phonics and Reading


We would like you to click on the videos below and watch the phonics lessons from Letters and Sounds. Activities which you can do to apply the sound are in the video and there are also linked underneath.  


After, please watch the videos on the phonics resource and support section which practices all your phonics sounds using the flashcards which we use at school. Have a go at saying the sounds along with Miss Smith. Make sure you are saying the pure sounds accurately. 


Don't forget to read your book everyday.

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